Tuesday, 18 January 2011


melancholy moments, raining sky
whole the night, missing you my
heart, moon is floating on the blues,
the game of sink and emerge, dream
passed dwindling on the edge of glass,

tuber roses had no curiosity to bloom
alone bird sung or cry all over night,
knocking the door in the vicinity, i felt
you were waiting on the stairs for me,

laying on the ground numerous flowers
the speedy wind shattered the emotion,
i came back from the portico, did not
get any clue, your fragrance replaced the
life by new feelings but glooming heart,

i gazed continuous the hazy sky, seen the
poetry was bleeding hysterically whole the
night, clouds might be melted consistently
the cosmos sank into the profound valley,
i wept silently, hiding face whole the night,