Thursday, 21 April 2011


Rebuilt the broken cards dwelling
Repeatedly, dreams are surviving
Still under the rubble of
Emotion, your soft silky touch gives
The life to the dwindling feelings
Your kisses has returned back
My broken long breathings
Ruined plaster of walls renovated
By your smile, whenever you
Embraced to my chest
I filled the cracked wineglasses
Let some drops, if spreading
On the beautiful lacy tablecloth
Don’t worry sweetheart, just your
Existence before me makes
The meaning of life, this leaning
Face toward my persona
Creates the inner light in the dry
Earthen lamp, temple cleric
Thinks it’s a divine illumination
In the midnight, doors had opened
Itself, two souls has been burn
In the sacred fire, this complete
Submission in love brings us
Nearer to fidelity, in the darkness
We pledged before the deities
To love each other everlasting
The jasmines, tuber roses had filled
The fragrance in our relation
Moon had signed as a witness in
Our pious love, night blessed for a long
Life, a commitment for entire life -