Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Heart is wanderer don’t want to
Stay in one place, hills, canyon, and rivers
Surfing continuously on the air, on the
Flow, as fanatical waves eroding the
Stones, gravel, pebbles, sand, caves
Exposed emotion is polymorphous, shun
To affix with fussy element, it doesn’t
Know dissolving, just moves from one
Awning to other, flower, thorn, wilderness
Oasis, lake, sea, sky, and entire cosmos
It runs and runs behind the thirst, dreams
From where, why you calling me, I’m
Liberated soul, a naked truth, a crazy wind
Don’t try to trap me, confine me, in the
Passion of love, in the physical need, let me
Release from your life, my heart is fragile
Don’t hold in your compacted palm, let it
Fly as pigeon in the blues, leave it as
A cascade, flow of wild rivulet, wings of
Butterfly, it has its own planet, free from
Fences of all relation, open land with
Evergreen blossom, artistic rare creation
Colors and color, the world over, no birth
No death, never-ending emotions existed
Here, all the time it smiles, moves from
Zero to cosmos, you couldn’t see my
Body, it’s transparent, indistinct, and
Wordless beauty don’t try to follow it,
Just let me live with my way, bare spirit
Nude character as an infant inhales first
Breath, without any contamination, geed
My heart wants only purity, completeness.


Lit the candles, silently passed the storm
Lift the eyelashes, let scatter the moonlight
Roses, goblet eager to touch your dry lips
It’s time to share the smile, just overlook
The broken wave’s destiny, don’t turn the
Beautiful face, twilight depends on your
Glance, let me revamp, restore the pieces
Of love, what passed, have been the past
The present is before you love me again –
The flourish wild trail would be come back
Again just wait for next spring, don’t say
Anything, about the reason of breakage
Journey, I was forever in your persona,
You realize, you loved me again, its render
Speechless, often it has happened in the life
We think something, destiny’s desire to be
Different, after a long severance, we meet
Its moment to live for each other, promises
Are made for broken, but love doesn’t fade
In the passion, step sometimes miss the
Edge, but this is not the ultimate, coming
Back on the track says life is beautiful –
Kiss me, hug me again, feel mature affection
Mineral gone through the furnace, prolong
Ignition melted the egos, the glows became
Brighter, in this salient juncture, don’t be
Wordless, just include me in your life –
If mirror is broken, it’s better to replace it
The cracks are foe, teases the reflection!
Let beautify the frame of life with new
Floral dreams, lift the wineglass, sip the
Emotions lay before you dearest friend.


They do not want know, the depth of heart
Apathetic their eyes to see your teardrops –
The world has its own precedence, nobody
Has time to think for other, bitter truth, we
Have no other way to accept the reality of
Relation, the morning has to recognize the
Difference between evening and existed sky,
Dreams, imagination, seasons, wrinkles of
Face, lines of palm, kisses, affection of body
The allocation of pleasure, pledges to die -
Together, memories couldn’t changed the
Isolation of life, in the twilight I found,
Mirror is asking me the cause of loneliness!
How to explain the realism of life, it looked
Me only external, reflected the ray of
Multicolored smile, inner gloom remained
Untouched, unknown, the flowers gradually
Replaced by pod of seeds, fruit has to split
Shadow chases the image at once sun raises!
The rules of nature doesn’t accept the
Amendment, your efforts couldn’t avoid the
Sun to sinking into the depth of sea, we have
To wait for next day to see the aesthetic sky
Night’s darkness, dissolving moon s beauty
Nocturnal blooms fragrance, your presence in
The life, all together do not allow me to cry
I just desire to love you more than before
The feeling of contentment says it’s too short
Life, heart wants to move toward the -
Mysterious planets, galaxies, unfamiliar faces
A voyage, an adventure, a passion to search the
Meaning of life, discovery for new horizons - - - -