Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Time has changed the face of wind
However, clouds are still on the sky
How to say that you have wiped out
The tiny raindrop lets from window -
Panes of life, I still could see your
Impatience feelings is existed on the
Broken flower vase, something may
Be shackling your agitation, but my
Adoration doesn’t want to accept the
Bitter consequence, while blues are
Roofed with gloom, twisted thunder
Moreover, lightening indicates that
There is possibility of rain, Wind has
To change the direction, beneath the
Sand dunes some seeds are sleeping
With sprouting dreams, just open the
Window let fresh desire to come in
On the edge of terrace, passion blooms
Have unfolded blue petals, robins are
Searching the secured place to weave
The nest, on the leaves and twigs of ivy
Some dew droplets waiting for you
A beautiful glimpse before extinction
May be you don’t know that across
The blue mountain rainy season has
Knocked the valley, just come out on
Balcony life is calling you consistently
I said you several times, you didn’t
Avoid my wide-ranging presence in your
Persona, I have been mix, dissolved
In your breathing, you have no way to
Leave me in a stunning rare rainy days