Friday, 3 June 2011

Distil the hearts before touching
The fire of pledge, tonight we
Have a ritual to accept the residue
Of self-esteem, in distant a pond of
Sacrifice waiting since decades,
To show our reflection, a shadow
We often going to concealed,
Somebody is restive to embrace
Our assertion that we overlooked
The path of love, benign, peace,
On the ridge of that river we could
Immerse the ego, pride, monarchy
To follow the simple, plain track
The ferry is always existed there, to
Bring us in the land of uniformity,
Conditions are not so profound,
Just an oath to look your own image
On the droplets of tear, bleeding
Emotions, breaking breathe of kids,
Sinking shrieks of orphans, bereaved
Souls, the pain of atrocities, miseries
Of life, no doctrine, no worship place!
A mirror inside us wants to emerge
Tonight let it analyze our persona,
It’s not too late, still night requests to
Us for exchanging the heart, dews
Are restless to trickle down on the
Perception to make the planet more
Beautiful than so-called the Eden,