Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Just now, night reached to summit,
Bit by bit compulsion would be
React, the echelon of strange
Wine glass receding gradually as
The moonlight leaving the
Grip on the agitated emotion, let
Embellish the inhale with tuber
Rosy fragrance, layers of desires
Falling down one by one, rhizomes
Of love evolving in rapid way,
The antique mirror regaining the
Lost beauty, or somebody touching
Willingly thrived branch of winter
Bloom, the wet cherries have no
Option, submitting the delicate
Petals to gravelly surface, in your
Oceanic blue eyes, the reflection
Of moon floating directionless, the
Poetries are burgeoning on the
Restless lips, here or somewhere
I don’t know, heart and mind lost
The sensation in lunatic influence,
Resolute moments want to fill
The passionate moment to internal
Soul tonight let to be scattered
All the concealed wishes on each
Others persona beyond the muscles
Flesh, blood, bones, let flow through
Extreme divinity point, the miracle
Or extraterrestrial, whatever just
Let mingle the breathing in dissolving
Way, a bonding of element unsolved,