Friday, 10 June 2011

In the deserted street of that
Dark night, a hobo, stranger man
Sang the mourn song in pathetic
Way, the trembling breath didn’t
Allow me to sleep, tried and tried
To get the rhythm of life, which
Floated on the air through the
Flute of that unknown man, on
That misty night, the pain of
Heart I felt first time, mysterious
Lyrics said in the life, breaking from
You was not only reason to weep,
The earth rejected I could realized,
However, why the sky turned down
The appeal for a galaxy night, 

Feather- bed is not forever, destiny
Somewhere related to seismic
Invisible waves, unpredicted, silently
It travels, when strikes we have
No more time to collect the scattered
Emotions, in a wink it destroys the
Palace, huts, mountains, everything,
Complicated behavior of nature,
Brings the crown in a moment on the
Earth, amid the beaker and lips
A decade long distance is hidden my
Friend, the wet eyes sometimes
Invites the storm, though the blue sky
Had no knowledge about the
Condensed clouds, but they generated
Poured with full vigor, disappeared,
Some enigma haven’t created by us
The natural knot was multi twisted
I tried to unfold from one end
Another end regained new twist, the
Concealed face laughs, emphasized
Too, changing the forehead lines was
Void, however we pleaded him
Everywhere, created fabled book
Built the shrines, written the values,
Doctrines, made the crazy followers,
But didn’t accept the defeat, we forget
To real essence of life, just ran behind
Shadows, while human is created
Human, we searched someone
Desperately in the cipher as a
Crusader of life, while it’s hidden inside
Every one, its matter of perception,