Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ahead of its time was the challenge
However, I accepted the expedition,
In your love, tried to touch the blue,
Played the lyre of breath, laid hands
On the burning fires, walked on the
Skinny layers of frozen lake water, its
Different that in the end except the
Oozing wound I had nothing left to
Share with life, this destruction has
A tale of glamour, an experience to
See the life very closely, didn’t stick
The feelings on the flow of pains, I
Had negotiated beautifully, and
Swapped all the failures with the
Nature, learned myself how to love
Again, ladder of passion once more
Attached to the stiff, vertical rocks
Couldn’t haunted me, climbed on
Top of valley, looked the rising sun,
In the mist, I had seen someone is
Waiting for me, to complete the
Assignment of life I loved you twice,
Heart didn’t accept the defeat, the
Up down trail of forest embraced me,
I rejected the straight path of life,
Made the twisted way as the destiny,
Wild stream s adamant couldn’t
Break my masculinity, crossed the
Current by exposed body, rowdiness
Brought me to destination, might be
Thorny bush or lips, chest, abdominal
Aurora, anyway I reached to you,

Do you remember that rainy night?
More beautiful than expectation,
Those delicate moments, dripping
Down water crystals, wet intimacy,
Some shilly-shallying candle lit dinner,
In that misty darkness, slowly -
Touching by you to my shoulder,
Arm, closeness of shivering lips, the
Extinct of exotic, exclusive perfumes,
Rising the addiction, armpit odors,
The winy smells with long breathing,
Going up the smoke of half burn
Cigarette, I have surprised when you
Said me “yeah, its manliness, full of
Vigor, a passionate experience to
Play with flames “that inflammable
Desires had the rare beauty, beyond
The description, it’s difficult to say
How much time consumed the
Flying gray smoke to turn the
Cigarette in particle of ashes, candle
Was melted, or someone blow off,
Mystery remained in depth of eyes,
Tuber roses might be invaded the
Solitude of our soul meeting moment,
The blooming perception replaced
The smell of tobacco, the sweet pain
Prevailed through the body to mind,
Nocturnal anonymous flowers had
Scattered on the surface, the terrace
Garden was looking more dazzling
Than ever, though it was clammy,
I looked first time dew drops in your
Inclined eyes, in the first ray of life.