Thursday, 16 June 2011

They didn’t listen in their life the
Scream of lesser destiny’s child,
The adolescent dreams which
Were crushed under the leg of
Muscled pimps, pain of eyes, the
Depression of abdominal flame,
The skeleton of that rickshaw
Puller, who tried to pull the life,
Died in tuberculosis last evening,
They never wanted to know the
Emotion of that maid servant, who
Lured by employer, browbeaten -
Several times forced to auction,
The children who played near the
Under construction, helping the
Parents in the stone quarries, those
Faces who worked in the café, late
Night, forget to smile since infancy,
The goons changed their gender
Accordingly their need, they never
Laughed by heart whole the life, in
The midnight wept silently to see
The sky with full of stars, moon, the
Morning not at all recognized them,
In the railway platform the old
Man with inclined backbone has had
Given the address of various train,
He was not at all reached to the
Desired destination, life has been
Left him, only to carry the luggage of
Strangers, gazing the passing trains,
Life passed in its way, nobody waits for
Them, growing weeds of graveyard
Had lot of saga to say but tombstone
Remained dead silent, they dried,
While roses were touched the maturity,