Sunday, 31 July 2011

eventually, adaptation taught to follow
the path of survival, since immemorial
era I searched the truth of immortality -
from the mysteries of ogygian period
to neoteric life, nothing is changed, all
the conundrum replicated in your eyes,
the graphic art of love has a polyhedral
beauty, entire life has needed to touch -
the depth of that ocean, placid feeling
forces me to avoid the wilderness, the
perception of akathisia makes me true
human,  the sense of metemspychosis
or rebirth, all the universal philosophies
sheltered on your chest, often I tried to
sleep on your lap of munificent emotion,
albeit in the western sky stormy clouds
challenge to navigate, I didn't furl the rig!
on the rebellious waves, silent sentiment
keeps the mind cool, later sky supports!