Saturday, 6 August 2011

incurable wasn't the trauma, the 
brunt inserts across the jecure, I
have been learned the standing 
after falling down, might be your
manoeuvres reversed, aimed to 
origin, it's possible, for transient
pleasure, body was utilized by the
you but, soul didn't mortgaged !
wounded conscience forgiven you,
the tenor never died, loving to 
somebody in absolute way is the
culmination of adoration, it's -
probably ridicule for you, however 
the inner profundity would accuse !
whole the chemistry of relationship
hadn't one way transit, the rain
 lashed the terrains only after the 
clouds were condensed with density,  
sharing the life needs habituation,
perhaps impendency brings hearts
towards the physical completeness! 
but touching to depth of soul is not
so easy, gold or brass, glittering was
not the main aspect,infinite glow -
differentiated the purity of our love,