Tuesday, 9 August 2011


the depth of that blue oceanic eyes

often creates illusion of plankton, the

sea flower, several floating dreams !

diving into the bottom most, heart -

reaches to level of insanic surge, the

hidden caves of mind couldn't find

the navigational exit, broken sleeps

emerge on the surface, this breathing

moment of life desires your love,

affections, life wants on that point full

support, adherence, aquatic weeds

often doesn't wish to leave last hope,

hold the chest of sea - shore, strongly!

low tidal waves returns to the genesis,

anapnea process gets back the life,

sweating face releases the natural -

contentment, moon flirts on the sky,the

moonlit calm waves, sings or whispers

the song of life, saying is difficult, the

microscopic emotions hides in the -

cluster of coral reefs, entire night, all

plankton floats in deep darkness, it's

entangled to recognize the profundity of

your eyes, which sustains millions lives,



Seashore Painting by Cape May Artist

indeed experiment achieved to its target,

mutant life didn't find out the lost ship,

on the neutral tinted horizon, the leaning

sky talked with ocean in celestial dialects !

the body, mind, edea, muscles, every

physical parts was played by you, desires

had no mercy, the ruthlessly mirror was

bear down, emotion scattered on the floor,

on that night my scream not converted

into the echoes, searing pain pierced the

layers of instinct, drops were self appeared,

you had no escaping path beloved, the

creation was the brain child of you, solution

later came out from your heart, the life

returned back to normalcy, on the far away

the vessel of endless love searched the

anchor point to confess the mistakes, now

you could perceive the depth of miseries,

this enlightenment in your eyes pulls me -

desperately near your extracted heart, which

already liberated from infernal world, now

my life is prepared to submit the soul with

fidelity, on the altar of fire, water, wind !