Wednesday, 10 August 2011

the earth, wind, sky, sea, together finalized
stormy covin, in the corner of peninsula,
life holding your hand, gazed the galaxy !
frantic freak, torrential rain, thunderous air
sudden became hush, tidal waves returned
to midstream, we kissed to each other,
on that aloof sea shore I had seen the life in
your eyes, the wet emotion slept on your
bottled neck, dreams turned to crystalline a
gem necklace, the touch of your body -
liberated the soul from the all curse of past !
entering to the fire bath, we have recovered
the extinct glaze of love, all corporeal mirrors
failed on that night to recognize us, the all
transmutation brought us above the hills, vale
crater lake, forest, entire planet left over
far away, behind us, we had reached on the
mysterious, alien land, beyond the cosmos!