Thursday, 11 August 2011

with impassive face, they looked the 
burning of massive mansion, in the
name of adminicle, looted the injured
traveler, bath chap emotions didn't
raise the question against the racism,
Jesus, Moses, Krishna, all together
cried on the street of great civilization !
the diabolic attitude fills the apathia,
near the Themes, on the torrid desert,
the fire of odium burns since primordial
period, but here is not the end of life,
on the horizon, the ray of hope is existed,
perhaps one day, our eyes would be
clammy, the wet emotion can't to be die,
the pure soul, again to be reinvented,
let walk again with lame wounded legs,
the painful bellows raising the trembling -
hands, for a favor, only one drop of love,
life waits for you, my friend in eternal
path, a long, miserable journey to keep
 humanity intact, don't leave my hand,