Friday, 19 August 2011


after prolong waiting, moon smiled on the
arbutus vale, twisted nodules of desire,
opened the orifice of quiescent emotion !
at last inebriation has submitted egotism,
in your drowsy eyes, life has dreamt the
beauty of completeness, in the desperate
moments, supported by your arms, saved
 the emotion just before the scattering, this
addiction had it's own world, separate
definition of personal contact to spiritual -
affinity, supernatural peace, contentment,
in the cabalistic flames the hidden essence
of life says - natural pleasures,reflections
of each other's happiness derives from
the truth of heart, mirror of hundreds image
implies a single point which we call love,
without that life is laggard, dull, just like a
extinguished lamp of ruined, ancient temple!