Saturday, 20 August 2011


on that emerging line of astatic ocean
and sky, the sheen of the shells creates
the pearl of relation, somewhere there
I have accepted you as a non-breaking
appendage, divine oath, life after death,
don't know, how to explain that emotion,
without you, life is like pisces out of sea,
washy clouds with glow-less thunders, -
the robust body without respiration, the
subtle emotions hides all the imbroglio
of life, whenever heart touches beauty of
 unmanifest, resplendent love, you seem
more poetic, more beautiful than blues !
beauty of space looks pale, before your
persona, world shrinks on those moment,
thanks giving jamboree leans, towards
reflection of your perdurable adoration,
hand spreads itself to embrace you with
 spirit of dedication, the infinite path !


painting by John Atkinson Grimshaw