Monday, 22 August 2011


elusive rain forest, dense darkness,
the desires were the strangler fig, life
tried to get the sunlight, but didn't !
sometimes cyclone brings the solution
the high trees dashed down, the 
waiting of germination finished, seeds 
of new expectation stretched the 
creepers to absorb the pieces of light, 
life do not lose at all costs, the up -
down waves of time had surrendered,
your love was never the same, 
sometime weak boat, sometime mast  
 but we finally reached the edge!
on the horizon you haven't embrace me 
that's different, but my adherence
forced you again to share the life with 
my masculine net, in facto, that's
need of survival, breathing, touching to 
sky, I couldn't refuse, on that point 
nothing is spared, seeds waits to open 
the hull, it's natural, in the love, may 
be you're the fig tree, I'm happy as the 
strangulated main tree, sometimes 
relationship wants sacrifice on the altar
of life, indication of mellow fruitfulness!
painting by VladimirKush