Thursday, 8 September 2011

their all persuasion, hypnosis of love
corporeal reviviscence,  failed in end
the golden cage remained empty, the 
cradle itself swings, the open door -
asked the reason to moonlight, none 
had looked the flying of blue bird of 
paradise,  shadow floated on western 
sky, very near to crescent moon, amid
the silvery clouds might it flew in the
sketchy land of dreams, the one and
only traveler kept the journey continued,
in the space of illusion several times !
twittering, humming sound of feathers,
perhaps called you, remembered you,
to say the esoteric philosophy of life,
I'm afraid, most probably didn't get -
the message, didn't recognize it, in the
end, moonlight of you door constricted, 
in the lower valley moon sank into the
natural lake of primitive era, your sleepy
eyes only touched the glow of fire flies!