Saturday, 10 September 2011

besmeared your haecceity in life -
never allowed to break the prison,
whereas the perception wants to 
go athwart the beauty of instinct, 
whenever I tried to touch the depth
of unresolved, the language of 
eyes, drowning moon says long
night eagerly turned around the 
situation, at what point, the tear of 
sky falls, that life has looking up,
open arms, shocked face gazed 
your entangled hairs, infatuated 
moment of life, enlinquid emotions,
every once I have had lost the
 vanity! this is that mantra of fasci -
nation, heroism plays on those 
moment as irremediable object  
on the cyecis, floral cysts of love 
relinquishes the absolute farina of 
extinct fragrance of rarebit bloom !