Sunday, 11 September 2011


waves were arose it's true, how went 
down, and lost the flow, in the oceanic 
cirque, I have asked the onshore fog,
it was close to you, absorption of heart,
taught me that how to live, the life in -
adverse atmosphere, hours I waited for
you near emanation of elusive storm, 
colored whim embraced my all failures,
repainted the wooden boat, written 
poems of euphoria, now again I want 
to love you, with new stipulations of life,
the faded milestones re-illuminated in 
a way that twilight existed for more
 times, tuber roses opened the petals 
before the deep night, life desires to 
walk on the crystal foam by naked leg, 
glassy fangs of miseries fascinated,
after looking the rebirth of instinct, 
beauty of your proximity, brings the life,
the return of extinct planet of oysters 
with the unforgettable glow and beauty!