Friday, 16 September 2011

the compliant sunlight of winter noon
searches little space, on the terrace 
of life as I wait for you on the stone -
bench of pristine beauty, these are 
the moment beloved, teaches  all the 
times, how to survive, how to breath
under the shade of your eyelids, on 
surface of scattered cherry blossom !
bagasse eyes reconnoiter the face,
illuminates the nebulous path of life,
holding hands in the hands we walk 
into the remote trails of intensive 
forest, nestling on planet of dreams,
miseries, woes, dithers of nightmare 
may be existed but it's not the final 
destination, heart desires to touch, to 
feel the sensation beyond the beauty
of horizon, transient life here submits
the sourness, bitterness just accepts
few moments of getting lost in the 
fog of love, wants to forget the subtle 
philosophies, spider web of doctrine,
persona wishes to touch the flying 
cloud dust, refilling the fragrance of 
soaked clay, keeping the sweating 
forehead on your shoulder bone, as
softly, slowly lotus opens the petals ! 
fills the heart gradually the moonlight,