Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Vague sky, nebulous trail of life
Even so, life doesn’t want to leave
Your hands as a mast into the din
And bustle mood of oceanic higher
Tides, on the edge of gale storm
Inhabited the zenith of love, radiant
Beauty of inexplicable bonding,
We have to float through the flow of
Miraculous ray of optimism, lot
Of emotion not yet changed in form
Of realism, dreams are impatient,
Your face has some insistent desire
The chest wants to release all
Concealed passion for the infinite
Signature, the margin of life
Moves around inclusive persona,
The color candles make illusion,
While glow changes the colors
Consequently depends on the sight!
Expectations have inadequate
Arena but heart wishes to amass
Entire the galaxy, it’s true that one
Day perhaps nothing would be
Remained, however life doesn’t want
To think for that, in your
Proximity planet has the meaning
Of survival, the genesis of creation,
The imagination of paradise
Otherwise, nothing is special,
Exceptional, accept the shadow of
Your eyes, the smiles of quivering lips -