Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Way of life searches unrefined path
The elite fabric sometimes suffocates
The natural growth of emotion, the
Escorts of philosophy failed to control
My weaknesses, I loved you after
Breaking all the man made barriers,
it’s the congenital perception to feel,
Magnetism, natural glamour, romantic
Appeal towards the beauty of planet,
Every particle has the meaning in the
Vision, needed to see by depth of heart,
The hidden melody of cascade fills the
Charming touch to layers of coarse rock,
Zephyr of northeast brings the news
Of spring, buds are weaving the dreams,
The stable lake had been done the
Accord with cloudless sky, blues
Stretched its empire, dominated the
Depth of perception, life wants to scatter
The condensed passion, in the edge
Of your eyes emerging some unknown
Waves, perhaps hidden away storm
Would be surfaced, the pulsation graph
Creating some beautiful equations,
Wet musk floating in the atmosphere, it’s
Time to propose the desire of everlasting,
The unseen bridge is suspended
Between the two souls, two edges of love!