Sunday, 25 September 2011

thawing my passion tonight
 in a way that you can
mold in frame of
 desire, touch 
me like that, artistic beauty 
should come out, multi 
emotions are impatient, 
as extraction of 
willing to scatter on the
tender incense of 
dayspring, let
 me be at variance into the 
red gold, the soul wants
 to replete the life into 
infinite confluence,
 as interflow 
great lumbering ocean 
waves wishing to 
engulf the 
of femininity, creation of 
genesis, the rise of 
heroism, seeds 
of fire are 
restless for planting the 
extreme pleasure,
eruption of highest magnitude,

The Exhaustive Change 

the voice comes out from the depth of 
heart, floats above the coomb of life -
follows you, in the trail of strange union
point of two rivers, in the far vision, rain
playing the art of damping the scorched 
emotion, the shadow of love wrapped 
my persona as wild climber searches 
a glance of first tender ray of sun in the
mist of rain forest, jimp stem wants to 
hold the bark of fig tree, wild bloom tries
to open the trilling petals whenever you
keeps the dithered lips on my dried 
lips, the torrential rains creates the wet
fog everywhere, life desires to assimilate 
your persona into the profound of divinity,
here jaded, tired life gets aesthetic transit,
life looks more unrivaled, innovative - - - -