Tuesday, 27 September 2011


In future maybe I’ll meet you with

Complete allegiance, full-fledged

Buoyancy, twilight let me float in 

Reverse flow of wild stream, the

Life meandering as dry leaves of

Autumn, flying emotion doesn’t

Want to inhabit in the corner of

An individual’s possession, zeal

To get the planet of innovative

Definition, heart desires to quit

The familiar path, to pursue the

Polytheism adoration of love –

One day I’ll write the poetry of

Intense devotion on the surface

Of ignited submission, juvenile

Decisions are the decked glass,

Perhaps it will break easily, just

Release me from the unwanted

Connection, after fulfilling your

Needs, the overwrought chains

Of predilection easily would be

Corroded, better to say here, the

Good-bye with dreamy eyes, let

Me learn more about the life –