Friday, 30 September 2011


Numerous distressed faces, crowd of

Nightmarish body waits on the edge

Of survival, in fume of extinguished

Lamps, amid the ruins, the outskirts

Of life breaths in its manner, nature

Generates space for blooming, even

In the algae covered walls, eccentric

But beautiful flowers stretches their

World, continuously life searches the

Significance of existence, a struggle

In perception never ends, obstinate

Emotion says me consistently, that

Someday I would be part of the blue,

Boatman calls loudly, that evening

Enlarging the darkness, clouds are

Gathering on the western sky, but

Heart doesn’t care, if they have the

Intensity to quench the thirst, opened

Chest waits to soak all the moisture,

Life sails the dreamy dinghy into mist,

Awful calls of sailor disappears itself,

After passed away tempest, I created 

Own way, to navigate the vast river,

Do you still waiting, at the eroded edge,

On the stairs of derelict shrine of love,