Monday, 3 October 2011

For a while

Descending flood waters says it's
not an indication of the river 
crossing, just reconsider
 the decision, the 
glazy island might be fraud of eyes, 
Just let the stars appear on the 
cloudy sky,certainly moving 
head, does not mean 
that you love me, 
vibration has its own tongue, who 
knows still be raining
suddenly all streams come down 
from the pseudotyped valleys, 
existence wouldn't be
 miserable, it's 
called  that 
before falling to the ocean, often 
river changes the edges, it's 
better to keep some 
let me 
remain in severity of ocean, for sometime, 
otherwise crazy wave wouldn't find you, 
thirsty land of delta, probably confuse
 your flow, desire to scatter on my 
chest wouldn't be fulfill, 
incomplete dream 
will finish you,
 just think 
beloved before loving me, little bit !

photo - nile river 


achieving to vertex wasn't 
difficult, question arises
 then, consistency
demands -
 the reason to love you in 
perfect shape, that 
sense of 
possession, often snatch the
 spree, king or a beggar, 
not easy to rule
in the hearts,
you can play with the corpus 
as moonlight crouches
 on the homes of 
coral, opens 
the closed doors, It's not
 necessary that all 
rising fern 
would be communicable 
to life, some dreams 
didn't have 
wings, they didn't fly, but
created new
dimensions, if you want 
love infinity, think the
 way to win the 
heart, mind, gradually persona,
 swim to shore and 
profundity of the
both are a part of paradox, 
certain immersion, 
supreme love -
 brings the 
towards the immortality, ever 
just try to see your image 
into my glassy body, 
touching the inner screen, 

photo - glass art - UK