Tuesday, 4 October 2011


dispersing blobs of volition, creates the 
charm of life, do not leave the finger 
prints on the surface of melting glass, the
artistic sense of ductile structures,says -
little negligence would ruin the internal
beauty of heart, through the blazing 
furnaces of time, emotion have reached
to  chastity, immaculatenesstowards 
the divine sweetness, before reaching to 
the soul integral friend, wait a bit, crystal 
of faith needs more polishing, glorious
look, spirit of angels, in everything the  
clavicle of God, freedom from reverie !
reality of life contained in the depth of 
relinquishment, without that relationship
is just moribund body, definition of 
hydrous eyes says physical parameters
can not be judged by out door eyes, try
to love somebody with inner vision, to 
get infinite happiness, with eternal charm,