Wednesday, 12 October 2011


he couldn't give the acquaintance, before 
saying any thing, they announced the 
verdict, countless celestial flowers lost
on that moment on the sacrificial altar !
eclipsed moon reappeared from the 
clutches of umbra, sun sank in some 
unknown bluish world, extended arms
of someone, said - I know him, I loved,
felt his existence in everything, in the 
tear of outcast eyes, on the street of 
infamous settlement, in the darkness
of battle ground, wept alone bowed 
head, in silence of painful screams, he
walked in tottering way, in the gloomy
evening sitting under the lamppost,
have seen him in form of some coins
in the chilblained cap, sometimes in 
the face of feeding baby with withered 
breast, sometimes I have looked him
in the smile of street child selling the 
flowers, for your beautiful intoxicated  
twilight, it's not cursed identity, the 
realism of life is more pure than venom,
let him forgive, which is not alive,
then why the gemot, let humanity come
alive, destiny is not the final judgment,

painting - humanity - By Dan Gheno