Friday, 14 October 2011


In the slope of foothills, wild basils’

Aroma moves with nomadic wind,

Over the medieval tribal temple, on

The bamboo twigs moon floats, in

Its way, in the violet darkness, life

Hang around for you, in the vicinity

Lemony essence rouses the night,

Little by little, droopy feeling wants

To touch, feel your love through the

Nerves, illusive sentiments exhaust –

Shortly, as touch of lips creates new

Definition, abstract art converts to

Realistic beauty, night moves across

The subversive flow, along the glitzy

Feeling, emotion overlies the body -

And mind by the stratum of desires,

All the residues of the life floats near

The edge, nuisance, pain, shadow,

Failures, completely gloomy thought,

Suddenly becomes the unblemished,

Beautifully crystallized dew drops, we

Stared the sky with novel potentials,

An endless search, new planet of love,

Perhaps one-day discovery would be

Proved, fleeting moment said to us,