Monday, 17 October 2011


Who’d be the herald of munificence,
shrouded prophecy remained
unsolved under the heap of
uncertainty, long queue
of wounded soul waits
under the open sky,
somebody maybe
one day will
show the path of true salvation, with
universal heart, a sensible person
with real human insight, apart
from any artificial beliefs,
a natural definition of
life, where caste,
creed, ethnic,
taxonomy of human kind has no any
domination, a sixth sense, a third
eye of love beyond the bigotry,
absolute pure emotion of
live and let live to other,
a creator of new
life waits for that virtuous day, when
entire planet would be gather to
fill the color, on the dejected
space, in the paper of
identify card, in the
column of faith,
would be only humanity, no other details,
I hope, on that strange moment, life
will reach to climax of heaven,
that location will appear
from the hearts, not
from the pages
of philosophy, epics of imagination, the
divinity resides in the depth of
feelings, in the purity of
mind, into the moist -
eyes, it scatters
from the kids’
it floats on the surface of naive reflection.