Wednesday, 26 October 2011

tinsel sky tonight filled unique rarity 
in the unclouded lap of life, my 
latent emotion, somnolence 
passion, a complete 
hangover brings 
nearer to you, 
it's said 
that in from your eyes, synaphea of 
fascination flows day and night,
stars forget the way, moon 
deviates across the blue
waves, the sweat of 
your frons makes
the paranoia,
heart gets
refuge near the trembling lip's edge,
I feel hypnotized supremacy in 
my persona, life moves as
wild flower swirls in the
circle of fragrance, 
the perfect 
of your resplendent love, never allows 
me to scattering, eternally body, 
soul remains in your fingers, 
as a puppet, I had have 
no control on me, 
just like a kite 
thread, desires rotate in the clear sky !