Friday, 2 December 2011

journey from abstract to totality
confined to liberation, the
reflection within the
reflection, the
of illusory peripheral to release
the inner oomph, the beauty
of truth resides as in the
depth of ocean
existed the
island with the future potential
of prosperity, in course of
time appears on the
surface above all
fracas of wind,
water and
the fire,
establishes the territory of love
and innovative creation,
supports the growth
of natural creature,
invites the all
living phase
to thrive,
and scatter the beauty of life, here
all in one congregates as a
savior among the savior,
the whorl of delicate
petals, prays to
sun and moon
for providing
the aroma
of humanity, aesthetic touch to
bloom the heart with real
divinity, apart the so
called belief or
faith the
perception to feel the pain of others,
the comprehensive illumination
that everybody has the equal
privileges to knit the dream,
evolve the path of survival,
breath of freedom,
sharing the bliss
and miseries,
filling the blanks with generous hands,
beyond the prejudice,