Thursday, 30 May 2013


your love has mysterious aspect, often
floats in the heart alike hydrous 
shadow, plays fenceless 
game with fragile
whenever I've tried to touch, the shining
of your oceanic eyes, life became
errant traveler, sometimes 
left the glazed print 
of nomad 
butterflies, in the remote often your love
appears in form of beautiful 
sapphire mirage !
life runs 
behind the shrinking galaxy of late night,
sometimes near to body and 
mind, sometimes far 
away to reach,
your face
creates the hypothesis of paradise, the 
existence moves on the stairs 
of labyrinth with sweet 
sensation, aspire 
to touch 
the sky becomes stronger, a meaning -
of survival, opens the gate of 
new definition, life 
forgets entire
of past, knocks the door of innovative - 
dreams - - 
* * 
art by Maria Serafina