Thursday, 27 June 2013


facial expression reflects the inner whim, 
even willingly, you couldn't hide the
delicate feelings, it oscillated
as petiole of tuberose
in the transparent
vase water !
a yearning of separation from the plant's -
body, I know, you have no way to 
go away from my life, the 
aroma of love isn't
short term,
it infused in the conscience with impact - -
everlasting, influences the depth 
of soul, with endless bond 
of replete engulfment,
that touch of lips
which can 
alter the venom into ambrosia, I've seen  -
that rare brightness in your eyes !
that silence love, which 
alters the body 
and mind,
makes the emotion into the droplet of  - - -
celestial beauty, and often that 
reflects the life, from the 
tip of new leaf - - 
where new 
possibilities creates new definition of - - -
immortal amour - - 
* * 
  unknown source art 6