Sunday, 14 July 2013

you're inherent within me - -

you're inherent within me, but still 
hesitate to dissolve my 
persona in your 
soul, this 
distance creates an impulsive - -
cataclysm, from breath to 
breath, passionate
dealings of 
lips - - 
from touch to brainstorm charge !
an amazing cognition which
makes the foraminulum
in form of half -
volcano, eruption of erotomania,
unknown hangover brings
me towards the cipher
of a different 
cosmos !
that's the love or deranged desire,
I do not know, I'm just flowing
in reverse flow of 
time - - 


that pain, which woke up from the depths 
of the heart, emerged in the last 
o'clock of night somewhere
under your trembling
eyelids, that 
was my 
love, even willingly, you couldn't forget me,
entire night, you've looked me in 
the mirror of conscience !
in the environs, the 
dripping dew
created new definitions on the delicate - - 
petals, drop - drop passionate 
moment, perhaps, written
some beautiful verse 
of our affection,
I know - -
you couldn't sleep a moment, just waited 
for a mystical soft sunshine - - 
* *