Wednesday, 31 August 2011


God's existence in stones, may

be you don't believe, but it's

true, my extreme veneration says -

around here, may be one day

I'll find the paradise of emotion, in

the hands of exhausted potter,

somewhere, into the color of lost

painter, forgotten by the

world, in the brine sweat of

cultivator, I'll search you, into the

broken breath of artisan, on the fine

particle of sand into the lungs

of miner, hollow gut of prostitute, my

exploration travel throughout the

life to death, may be one day

I'll get you, as a coin on the trembling

hand, like a dream on the vacant

eyes, I'll we show you on that

day the loathsome tattoos

made by the world, into the depth of

perception, innocent expectation,

on the surface of humanism,

justice he has have to do, I'll ask him,

the reason of default, missing

after creation, one day

I'm sure, he would be emerge from

the stone, like a lament

revolution, under the dead volcano!



Tuesday, 30 August 2011


in the endless depth of your touch
I'm looking for life's meaning, 
cavity created by meteor
or you had dropped lightening by 
celestial hypnosis, it's matted,
I'm standing, on the edge of dead 
incurvation, below the valley 
the darkness opened up mouth to 
eclipse my visage, to grab 
the persona, you wants to hold my 
loin, or push down as sign 
of distaste, a mix of bitterness and 
embrace, mute reproach 
probably difficult to say the attitude,
often you don't want to proceed 
on suspension bridge, that 
unknown jitters, brings your body 
and mind under the sovereignty of 
my empire, hidden deformed 
character wakes up, and on that 
joint space, your desires want to 
rupture in millions crystals,
and you want to shock me by those 
pointed glass pieces, perhaps !
in my painful screams, your
elation, victories has included but 
erelong, your breath is dominated by
mine, and life somewhere 
produces new horizons,
ignited the destination,
I loved those overthrown moments of 
life, Sometimes losing is a sign of
victory too.


Monday, 29 August 2011

this is the discretion, who steals my 
sleep, the same third eye, which 
makes me naked before the
mirror of life, the same hands which 
are aghast to reach my collar,
wants to know explanation,
that why I had returned the stretched 
arms of helpless child for a favor, 
this the same place where 
once I stumbled to
loyalty, betrayed to the bed room -
treaty, here somewhere the 
seeds of fraud, germinated under the 
floor, that's the place I have broken 
the trust, made the false interior 
ceiling above the altar of 
worship, that chandelier has the blow
off lamps, chants often the tale
of my pseudo character, this the place
where I had buried the beautiful
perception, humanism, 
inner beauty, love 
under the layer of squalor, mistakes 
the conscience still breathing, it's
alive, wants confession, 
a change, freedom from the sin, curse !
abomination by you would finish me,
just try to give me a chance to 
prove my indomitable 
desire to get the title of complete,
perfect man, regenerated, fully blessed,

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Before the storm subsides
just now, life came to the agreement, just
now you taught me, the style of living in the
rising dust storm, sinking all the apathy, the
flowers are blooming, fatigue life emerging
into the wet dreams, let me breath little for
a second,  intoxicated evening drags near
to you, incense desires floating on the wind,
those all the denounces charged by the -
society, tonight I accept all the blames, just
now life knew to surmount on the cross of
love, before the holocaust heart's cognition,
says - beyond the dream, there is inhabited
another world, soft sun ray of day break,
lightly, strokes the twisted dusty hairs, life
wants to sleep on the shade of compliments,
on the lap of your blessing, life is looking
the early childhood, that's your face, bears
the fruit of divine light, and that's feminism,
regenerates my existence, in those moment
did I want to touch, and love you, on those
exquisite period, I wouldn't care the shame,
rain, cyclone, forest fire, like furious black buck!

Saturday, 27 August 2011


avidity to get my indulgence, you have
created vesture of flossy perception, though 
on that deadfall, life had the meaning of 
born a hundred times, holocaust of persona
was most common, passion rises from 
the ash, and I found himself involved into you, 
a union of spirits, there was no myth,
cavity of fire, flaming infinity, newly structured
the golden body, prepared to wreath 
on the feet of abstract worship of the peerless
 love, nevertheless this process wouldn't
succeed to recoil the sandal fragrance into the 
inner heart, my desire was largest of the 
circle, vast space, could be able to absorb the 
ocean, earth, sky, in that nucleus my life 
waited for you since creation of breath, feeling
you couldn't complete my masculinity, just 
you touched my emerging part of mortal body !


Friday, 26 August 2011



in this moment, nothing is remain to share
whatever I had, gave you, that destination  has
its own beauty, inner glow, evolution from
light to gloominess, perfect reason to live with
together for elysian spirit, a feeling, realization
of formless adoration, on that armistice -
 line of life, race, ethnicity, nobility, the urge to
live long, all desires goes towards extinction !
on that point, mind and body goes through
the complete dedication, the perpetual peace
embraces the corporeal flames, all man
made laws becomes futile, ineffectual,spine -
less, that unseen magic is nothing than the
true love, which is existed in your wet eyes !


Thursday, 25 August 2011


on the breast of genesis, arrogant sky wept
last night, maybe you didn't see, departure
of  life, because you've changed sides, the
reluctance of the river bank, hadn't feelings,
the whims broken off  all the embankments,
you hadn't listen my call, lost in dreams !

on the window panes, nocturnal bloom left
touch of passionate palm, wet resonances 
returned to silence of cenotaph, the notes
of tragic love songs had floated above the
medieval church towers, as nomad clouds,
you didn't embrace again, lost in dreams !

life waited, in the desolated street of night,
with bouquet of fresh tuber rose, the moon
scattered the gnostic crystals entire night,
I searched the drops of dews, might be fell
down from the branch of bleeding heart,
you didn't keep promise, lost in dreams !



Wednesday, 24 August 2011


on the penance path, bliss and anguish
are insignificant, life remains on the tip 
of prong, here It gets rid of desires, how
to explain you, my mavovrneen buddy -
this trail goes through the vivid dreams !

in each point of love, capacious space
to be emerged, just try to touch instinct,
Life is so evanescent, why fear of death,
come hold the hand, prior to sit on ferry -
this river flows through close darkness !

intensive night behind the chariot of the 
sun, the cycle of time has no vacation, it 
moves amid day and night, nothing would
be everlasting, just remain near to heart,
this intimacy stays on  graph of breaths!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


again you have adonize the broken vase,
on the old piano, scattered rhythmical script,
the last drop of exotic redolence, afresh -
undressed, you are standing in front of me, 
Like a mosaic glass, passions emerged
from ventilator's feeble rays, saffrony twilight 
throwing the trap to catch the enigmatic
night, life desires to share, internal moments 
with you, the bunch of tuber roses are 
 becoming alive, withdrawal of fragrance
 says, unseen your presence in persona has 
the meaning, this is the venue, this is the 
esoteric surrender land, ene we met, pledged
to live and die together, the thing that
you loved me beyond the imagination, but 
accepted too late by your heart, whatever 
reason was of severance, it's absolute truth that 
the nexus of body and mind  leaves scars
everlasting, wounded confession fills the cipher,
with moist eyes we embraced each other,
the corporeal planet rotates on cross equations,
whenever both sides touches to equal 
point, the life tries to know the existence of soul,


Monday, 22 August 2011


elusive rain forest, dense darkness,
the desires were the strangler fig, life
tried to get the sunlight, but didn't !
sometimes cyclone brings the solution
the high trees dashed down, the 
waiting of germination finished, seeds 
of new expectation stretched the 
creepers to absorb the pieces of light, 
life do not lose at all costs, the up -
down waves of time had surrendered,
your love was never the same, 
sometime weak boat, sometime mast  
 but we finally reached the edge!
on the horizon you haven't embrace me 
that's different, but my adherence
forced you again to share the life with 
my masculine net, in facto, that's
need of survival, breathing, touching to 
sky, I couldn't refuse, on that point 
nothing is spared, seeds waits to open 
the hull, it's natural, in the love, may 
be you're the fig tree, I'm happy as the 
strangulated main tree, sometimes 
relationship wants sacrifice on the altar
of life, indication of mellow fruitfulness!
painting by VladimirKush

Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Adytum

evening liturgy has waken up slowly in the
shadow of ficus bengalensis, candles
have burnt beneath your eyelids, I see you
spellbound, heart becoming vigil of an
abject adoration, smoke of incense went up
can I touch you, can I feel you to inner life ?

fragrance of relationships had spread out,
in the idytum of temple, I donated the
body, it's now  your inning to betake my soul,
I'm naked as a newborn, you want as you
 love me, as you wish mold me, depend on you!
can I touch you, can I feel you to inner life?

the last judgement is getting blocked in the
northeast, beloved give me revival,
all egotism had dead, gone over desires,
infinite peace, the attainment of bliss,
calling me repeatedly from long misty valleys,
can I touch you, can I feel you to inner life?

Saturday, 20 August 2011


on that emerging line of astatic ocean
and sky, the sheen of the shells creates
the pearl of relation, somewhere there
I have accepted you as a non-breaking
appendage, divine oath, life after death,
don't know, how to explain that emotion,
without you, life is like pisces out of sea,
washy clouds with glow-less thunders, -
the robust body without respiration, the
subtle emotions hides all the imbroglio
of life, whenever heart touches beauty of
 unmanifest, resplendent love, you seem
more poetic, more beautiful than blues !
beauty of space looks pale, before your
persona, world shrinks on those moment,
thanks giving jamboree leans, towards
reflection of your perdurable adoration,
hand spreads itself to embrace you with
 spirit of dedication, the infinite path !


painting by John Atkinson Grimshaw

Friday, 19 August 2011


after prolong waiting, moon smiled on the
arbutus vale, twisted nodules of desire,
opened the orifice of quiescent emotion !
at last inebriation has submitted egotism,
in your drowsy eyes, life has dreamt the
beauty of completeness, in the desperate
moments, supported by your arms, saved
 the emotion just before the scattering, this
addiction had it's own world, separate
definition of personal contact to spiritual -
affinity, supernatural peace, contentment,
in the cabalistic flames the hidden essence
of life says - natural pleasures,reflections
of each other's happiness derives from
the truth of heart, mirror of hundreds image
implies a single point which we call love,
without that life is laggard, dull, just like a
extinguished lamp of ruined, ancient temple!


Thursday, 18 August 2011


in the insensitive gemot, nobody listened 
the evocation for survival till burning of borough!
all the arrows returned back to command,
huntsman was speechless, the laymen
broken the crown, unfolded all the shackles,

often it's happened in life, the sinking 
breaths get back the anticipation before the 
release of soul, those feudal attitude of  
destiny walks on knees, on the reflective truth 
all the atrocities of darkness confessed 
the mistakes, the conflict of prey and predator, 
may be feral, survival teaches to protect
the rights of humanism, as the herd of bison 
fight back for self defense, irrepressible desire
to live with natural way, fills the unknown 
conation, flow of impugnment dislocates the
 throne's of Pharaohs, who knows among 
us somebody is incarnated by vouched soul,or
may be a perfect spirit to change the 
direction of life towards the nimbus of liberty !

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


affection had no caption of caste, creed 
just we love them beyond the description,
relation of heart are very tenuous,since 
the infancy, inedited emotion had added 
with them, in the innocent smile we have
found as the moon emerging from lake,
a beautiful world of love without any bond!
didn't  know when and how we connected, 
respectively, we added them in our  life,
just like unknown aroma stays in the mind,
it's true, that we had no biological link, but
their attachment was made guardian from 
a neighbor, life gets happiness always - 
after looking their blooming face, we don't 
want to break this attachment everlasting,
photo atharv gade and mrunmayi gade ( brother and sister)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Towards the light

anguish becomes itself the antidote 
body riddled with thorns,

wounded heart, injured emotion -

Nevertheless, life doesn't  accepted 
the defeat, the path of survival 
thrown down the gauntlet,
droopy eyes finally learned to live in
the forest of spears,
walking on the path of lava, it's not so
easy, at last, step forwarded for you,
because I left to live for myself,
in the climax of love, all the relations
were transformed into worship,
this consciousness doesn't let me die,
mysterious existence of the formless
 lover,repeatedly draws me,
His face has reflected in every look,
I am able to change myself in
 every step,from wild to gentle, the
mutation brings me towards the path 
of love, peace, light, completion -
-- shantanu sanyal

Monday, 15 August 2011

I'll  never come again
 to see the collapsed edge,

I'll never fall in love again !
let  the waves carry away you in
the dreams of deltaic wetland, the
dissolving heart has remained silent,
I'll never say untold tale again !
I'll never fall in love again,
getting down the twilight into the
erosion of river, departing fingers had
no regrets, swept away sailing
boats towards the estuary,
I'll never look the ocean, horizon again,
I'll never fall in love again,
in that destination may be some rare
flowers are existed, few inhabitants of
fragrance created the colony,
most probably several glassy brooch
illuminating there, bouncing moonlit
filling the emptiness of life,
I'll never ask the mystery of zeal, again
I'll never fall in love again,
on the half submerged  black rock
swirled emotion died before night, it's
normal, low clouds have been reduced
gradually the humidity of valley,
moon has completed the long journey,
I'll never fallow the path of galaxy again,
I'll never fall in love again,
flint stones were moist, hence flickers
couldn't get the repletion, fire
doesn't reach to maturity, fire woods -
remained discarded, disdained !
reason of extinguished feelings,
I'll never ask again,
I'll never fall in love again,

Sunday, 14 August 2011

oblation of life isn't sufficient in the love,
integrity of heart inflects the barbarous,
merciless persona, résumé of life I had

experience after loving you, however,
tragedies of life walked by implicit way,
moist eyes had often given charming -
assuagements, life accepted clapping
of impassable path of stiff mountains !
the desert lilies, cactus, never gets dry
though destiny hasn't favorable always
for a drop of rain, thorns immune itself
to smile, lustre of survival goes through
the burning embers, before to touch -
and kissing your glorify lips, rendering
on the altar needs moderatism, infinite
immolation, beyond the physical hunger!
it's impalpable but possible to reach,

Saturday, 13 August 2011

that dark shadow sulked, sat down alone
on the desolated bank of gigantic river,
nobody had the time to think for a moment,
his existence or extinction didn't matter,
priest closed the temple doors, deity
needs a sound sleep, I called  repeatedly,
the evening had its own precursory,
echos explained me the reason of acedia!
this path of nouncer is not the sign of
renunciation, obtainment of dreams, extra
additional desire to win the planet with
self made principles drenched him into the
miseries, albeit all familiar faces loved
with deep reverence, thirst to look himself
 nonpareil, extraordinary, brought the
shadow near to self blaze, muddy waves
had no solution, later darkness of night
explained him to keek the inner most heart,
he returned back with abstracted, defeated,
to the realism of life, no thing was changed
nothing would be change, the flow of -
life is everlasting, its flows towards the
ebb !
before to submerge into the ocean,
river has to make the path amid the forest,

Friday, 12 August 2011

how should abandon the planet,here
I had looked the dream in your eyes,
the phase of life having innumerable
cavity, absconsio,abysmal profundity,
couldn't left the wild trail in menace of
serpents, it's legend that inner crust
hides the invaluable beauty, assayer -
eyes could only explore the real truth,
the physical proximity provides a time
based quench, however soul doesn't
get the perpetual youth's perception, it
moves confused into the abstruse -
darkness, life needs more pleasures
beyond the corporeal, ignition of heart
gets respite for few moment, while the
tear droplets falls on the land of divinity,
the benevolence emotion brings to
masculine frame towards a completion!
restless souls reached to ultimate male,
without the sacred doctrine, philosophy
perception self cheers, later life loves -
apiece faces forgetting all the egotism,

Thursday, 11 August 2011

with impassive face, they looked the 
burning of massive mansion, in the
name of adminicle, looted the injured
traveler, bath chap emotions didn't
raise the question against the racism,
Jesus, Moses, Krishna, all together
cried on the street of great civilization !
the diabolic attitude fills the apathia,
near the Themes, on the torrid desert,
the fire of odium burns since primordial
period, but here is not the end of life,
on the horizon, the ray of hope is existed,
perhaps one day, our eyes would be
clammy, the wet emotion can't to be die,
the pure soul, again to be reinvented,
let walk again with lame wounded legs,
the painful bellows raising the trembling -
hands, for a favor, only one drop of love,
life waits for you, my friend in eternal
path, a long, miserable journey to keep
 humanity intact, don't leave my hand,

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

the earth, wind, sky, sea, together finalized
stormy covin, in the corner of peninsula,
life holding your hand, gazed the galaxy !
frantic freak, torrential rain, thunderous air
sudden became hush, tidal waves returned
to midstream, we kissed to each other,
on that aloof sea shore I had seen the life in
your eyes, the wet emotion slept on your
bottled neck, dreams turned to crystalline a
gem necklace, the touch of your body -
liberated the soul from the all curse of past !
entering to the fire bath, we have recovered
the extinct glaze of love, all corporeal mirrors
failed on that night to recognize us, the all
transmutation brought us above the hills, vale
crater lake, forest, entire planet left over
far away, behind us, we had reached on the
mysterious, alien land, beyond the cosmos!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


the depth of that blue oceanic eyes

often creates illusion of plankton, the

sea flower, several floating dreams !

diving into the bottom most, heart -

reaches to level of insanic surge, the

hidden caves of mind couldn't find

the navigational exit, broken sleeps

emerge on the surface, this breathing

moment of life desires your love,

affections, life wants on that point full

support, adherence, aquatic weeds

often doesn't wish to leave last hope,

hold the chest of sea - shore, strongly!

low tidal waves returns to the genesis,

anapnea process gets back the life,

sweating face releases the natural -

contentment, moon flirts on the sky,the

moonlit calm waves, sings or whispers

the song of life, saying is difficult, the

microscopic emotions hides in the -

cluster of coral reefs, entire night, all

plankton floats in deep darkness, it's

entangled to recognize the profundity of

your eyes, which sustains millions lives,



Seashore Painting by Cape May Artist

indeed experiment achieved to its target,

mutant life didn't find out the lost ship,

on the neutral tinted horizon, the leaning

sky talked with ocean in celestial dialects !

the body, mind, edea, muscles, every

physical parts was played by you, desires

had no mercy, the ruthlessly mirror was

bear down, emotion scattered on the floor,

on that night my scream not converted

into the echoes, searing pain pierced the

layers of instinct, drops were self appeared,

you had no escaping path beloved, the

creation was the brain child of you, solution

later came out from your heart, the life

returned back to normalcy, on the far away

the vessel of endless love searched the

anchor point to confess the mistakes, now

you could perceive the depth of miseries,

this enlightenment in your eyes pulls me -

desperately near your extracted heart, which

already liberated from infernal world, now

my life is prepared to submit the soul with

fidelity, on the altar of fire, water, wind !


Monday, 8 August 2011

somewhere if you could get the shadow -
of bleeding heart, the blossom of true love,

a trail which brings towards the wholeness,

do not forget to say my acclamation, there

breathing creates the empyrean, paradise,
the light of immortality has multiform of -
divinity, just hold those precious moments 
with the heart, embrace the reality of life, the 
interspersed beauty of submission creates
a magnificent planet of renaiscence, the 
nature achieves to new evolution, aesthetic 
beauty makes the life wonderful, satisfied, 
all the ignition would calm down, civilization 
would ask for innovative colors to decorate
the humanity, the sky would be proud on that
day, most probably, it would scatter flowers!   
supporting original art by M Baldwin

Saturday, 6 August 2011

incurable wasn't the trauma, the 
brunt inserts across the jecure, I
have been learned the standing 
after falling down, might be your
manoeuvres reversed, aimed to 
origin, it's possible, for transient
pleasure, body was utilized by the
you but, soul didn't mortgaged !
wounded conscience forgiven you,
the tenor never died, loving to 
somebody in absolute way is the
culmination of adoration, it's -
probably ridicule for you, however 
the inner profundity would accuse !
whole the chemistry of relationship
hadn't one way transit, the rain
 lashed the terrains only after the 
clouds were condensed with density,  
sharing the life needs habituation,
perhaps impendency brings hearts
towards the physical completeness! 
but touching to depth of soul is not
so easy, gold or brass, glittering was
not the main aspect,infinite glow -
differentiated the purity of our love,

Friday, 5 August 2011


in modest way urged the heart for a 
favor, painful refusal questioned the 
survival, bitterness of life accepted 
the venom, humiliations fueled the 
aggression,until the eruption of all
quiescent volcanoes, silence was
dominated the amusable plateaus !
feudal attitude of society forced me 
to follow the path of feral, wild trails,

on that accursed night, I shouted for 
a fortuity, cried for a hope, raised -
hands towards the sky, diffusion of 
silence couldn't answer, the riddles
blown on the ripples of stream, the
mangled soul had no other refuge !
in that scattering point suddenly  I 
met you, loved and accepted the 
lordship of the compassionate eyes,
in the morning steps followed the  
foot print of peace,wounds had no 
more complains, I found lost life !


Thursday, 4 August 2011


the depth of enlightened heart, grows
the algae of supernatural color, the 
involute image doesn't allow to hold 
the reflection by prejudicial eyes, an
exercitation is needed to defeat the 
egotism, self - conceit, all sacrarium -
were only the stone memorials, they
inhabited on the surface of barbed  
fences, divisions of emotion was the 
main aim to rule the planet for self  -
interest, wilderness de facto never 
dies, purification of perception is the
only epitome, to reshape the humanity,
after looking your affliction if I couldn't 
feel the pain, it's meant that I'm no more  
mass of flesh, bones, blood, this sense
keeps me intact, not permit to scatter,
I find my reflection on your heart, in -
your eyes the  love sustains  prolong, 


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

in the curtilage of life, inhabited success 
and failures, familiar faces, deformity or 
beauty, whatever the crux, it wouldn't be
correct that I will abdicate the bridge of -
emotion, here my image consists to your
heart, the truth floats on the wet feelings,
life has germinated the blest perception, 
inner desire loves you beyond the variant!
the outer layer having the time limit, it -
could be lose one day, deep rooted love
sustains in amaranthine way, with millions
blooms, leaves the aroma after dry too,
that hypnosis, never assents me for
treachery, trust grows day by day in rapid 
way, the tenderness make me real man,
steps goes forward to maturity, humanity

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

destiny's cycle moves on its axis
rotation of life has own priorities,
midnight caravan didn't wait for me,
on the bank of galaxy, the fair of 
dreams held in the end of night, the
merry go round moved in the sky,
laying on the sand of Sahara, my 
heart experienced the realism of life,
I have read, deciphered, the words 
containing romance, love, pledge of 
living imperishable way, slowly your
finger split my hand,couldn't yell, 
before the daybreak,perfume faded !
in the book shelves I had searched,
emotion had been dried before falling
down on the floor, whined sentiments
couldn't sleep entire night,in the foggy 
dawn, a shadow blearly immersed
for few moments, in the empty palm 
remained only, some words of promise!
oriental sky colored the ventilator again
sun has no vacation, a bonded service
glassy ewer desires some fresh roses,
life follows the path of rising hopes,

Monday, 1 August 2011

effulgent, glary archway makes me 
confused, the darkness of heart is
not habitual to get your benediction,
heart wants by and by gleam of your
love, those outcast souls, deprived
life waiting for a favor, I couldn't be
selfish, come away from adjuvants -
flair doesn't loose the wet emotions!
I know, on your courtyard, blooms -
sacred flowers of affinity, synaphea
of adoration brings all near the chest,
the holy droplets spill often from your
eyes, all souls of planet patronized by
you, in the lorn dark night they sleep
in your sanctuary, hiding the future -
dream of love, peace, followed the way
for better survival, let scatter the holy
droplets on their unquenchable spirit !