Saturday, 16 April 2011


Standing on the edge of plateau
Life says it’s not the end, gradient
Path goes through the blind gorge
Of rocks, tall trees, stiff vertical -
Mountain, moon rises from there
Sky surrenders the proud in the
Knee of earth, still sun is trying to
Escape from grip of dark clouds
Don’t leave me alone dear friend
This endless journey I opted for
You, the miles long darkness, the
Dreadful path, the thorny shrubs
Let them all to generate the havoc
Just hold my hand, in your esteem
Life searches the way out from the
Melancholic moment, this affection
Has the invisible divinity, in stones
Heart looks the beautiful image
An inspiration, a passion, an art of
Survival says all the time that we
Would be reach on the horizon line



In the symposium of drunkard
Someone called my name -
To offer me the final glass of
Ceremonial formality, I didn’t
Reach near you as crowd pushed
Back me, while a distance amid
Remained as usual my friend
We never reached to conclusion
Accusations have its own
Essence, several desires died
Before to attain the climax, its life
Dark, dense clouds in the twilight
Covered the blues, rapid wind
Predicted storms arrival, you didn’t
Tried to break the prophesy, I
Waited till midnight, gradually all
The clouds disappeared, stars
Have shown their existence forever
Night had its own priority
Priest closed the iron gate of temple
Let the emotion rest for a while
All deities perhaps talked about
The planet, including our relation
That never turned to devotion
Nevertheless, it was not so late
Dawn is inescapable, life says –
Just wait, let sun rise, keep your
Expectation alive, somewhere the
The blank milestone is waiting!
What’s wrong if one promise is -
Broken, this wild trails have to make
The way amongst the thick forest –



Pristine your love provides
Me a meaning to explore the beauty
Every moment, I stared the sky
In vacuity, dreams float
Noble thoughts grow, did you inhabit
On the surface of galaxy
A radiance flow carries the artistic
Passion, I have had sank into
The depth of visual illusion, fantasy
Do you know the astronomical
Magic to win the heart, often
The dried bloom tries to unfold the
Stale petals beneath your shadow –
The lush green paddy fields are
Inclined to each other’s stem whenever
You look me with sweet fleeting -
Look, a gentle spring breeze passes
Closely near to my heart
Sometimes naively your touch, gives
A feeling of first rain on the sand dunes
I heard that in your proximity
Dreams sleep with unfolded eyes
They look you in a manner that moon
Becomes envious, in the zenith
Of paradise, I think, your
Dominance rules the emotional empire
How to succeed, to get your
Love in all-inclusive way, day and night
The frail heart thinks, but something
Is sure force you to look me in diverse way
I lost frequently my heart
Silently I follow to your path.