Monday, 20 December 2010


internal ignition in the heart!
we searched the light out side,
spectrum of life has no confines
self interest made the big circle,
around the egoism numerous
mirrors rotate day and nights,
image  opaque, whom to blame
here persona becomes ostrich,

life had some created imagination
shadows on the water were stable
flow of sense dwindled every time,
oyster carries endless pain to
produce the new dream to eyes,

your love has masked beauty
my acceptance was primitive sting
tried to collect the beautiful falling
drops from the waterfalls, some
looked like pearl on the palm, few
fell down became the wet clay,

creator s scarf has unlimited space
its different chapter that how much
we have collected, the grace in
our heart, as precious love drops,
some one stretched largely,arms!
but i couldn t able to hug, as my
persona didnt recognize to image,