Sunday, 30 January 2011


clown s soul adopted the life
no one has seen the wet eyes,
i waited for a glimpse of smile
in the torrential rainy nights,
performing the art of love to
every one, missed many times
to laugh for while, the magic of
claps pulled me frequently, i had
forgotten the value of persona,
in the path of wilderness i sung
the song to avoid the nightmare,
on the bridge of emotion, walked
alone many times, to touch the
evening blues, i dipped fingers
into the stable river flow, dreams
emerge with novel way, removed
the residue continually to see the
real reflection of life, i found the
self hollowness has the least pain,
the bubbles of happiness is so brief
it dissolves very fast, but during the
survival, distributes lot of rainbows,
breathings want to become, in these
moments, the unseen river valleys,
let sail on the waves of sentiments,
life wants to stay in the ring of show
dreams swing from one end to other!