Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Do not know, where gone your
Attentiveness, as you loved me
Before intensely, I’m missing
The grip, tenderness, those killing
Sting, the flames of passion, would
Not you akin to clarify candlelit
Evening again, in the shadow of
Banyan tree, behind the heap of
Broken Terracotta wares, the first
Kiss, did not appeal you, wild lemon
Blossom tree, summer twilight
Sinking claret rays of sun into the
Hyacinth merged pond, where gone
That Craziness, to see me you ran
Bare foot, in the darkness, on the
Thorny path, close to the temple of
Hindu empire, I had removed
The broken piece of glass from your
Soft leg, did you remember that
Moment, teardrop of your eyes were
Falling down to my neck, kissing
To piercing point, you embraced me
Unknowingly and said you couldn’t
Live without me, lemon tree bloomed
Water lilies, hyacinth stalk, everything
Is existed in its place, I’m waiting
For you, as ancient shrine waits every
Twilight for priest, for a glance of light
Some moments in love heart wants
To lit the melted candles, life doesn’t
Wish to wipe the sweet memories
It has a different zest or pain, 
Something special close to heart.