Sunday, 22 May 2011

Analysis of life often moves on the
Edges of curved multiple lines,
In the center point soul illuminates
Day and night, the dot of desires
Emerge often through the darkness,
In the speed, it looks beautiful, as
Tiny particles, in millions, sometimes
It breaks the rule to touch the core,
Nucleus tries to avoid collision, the
Perception, always carries the
Message for evasion from the thorny
World, but heart forces to mind,
An unseen attraction appeals to touch
The bloom, the trapping planet
Has rhizome shaped branches to seize
The internal sense, it paralyzes
The persona through the nerves, this
Crux has limitation, it cries, weeps
However, removing the pierced spines
Is hard, it blocks the cavity with sweet
Pain, the affection makes the wound
After severance, the inner layers
Of soul remains ineffective as coconut,
After breaking the external coat, it
Flows toward the inclined surface, the
Unfolded corporeal frame remains
On the sea beach, oysters shell searches
The luminous kid, butterfly is out of
Vision, some silky spots on the palm
Lines calls the memory lanes, the waves
Slowly recedes, yachtsman disappears
Moon swings on the low tide, silently!