Monday, 9 May 2011

The wild trail of odyssey, escapade
Has its own unusual charm, the
Life moves beneath the shadow of
Moonlit giant trees, the black
And white shades reminds, relation
Between the teardrops and smile,
On the surface dried leaves says the
Saga of spring, the fate of pride,
The evergreen desire, ruined empire,
Somewhere I tried to trace the lost
Apparent, glass made splendid ring,
Once gifted by an exceptional friend,
The cane shrubs have been missing
The needle tips, wild fire ashes the
Twigs, the night wants to share the
Dewdrops, but bloom couldn’t
Opened the lips, orphan dreams had
No refuge, wandered in the silence
Of vale, in cavity of stem few drops
Of last rain, provides life to orchids,
Optimism had the infinite glamour, the
Exhausting night desires still to
Play with muscles, bones, chest but
Doesn’t want to touch the soul, this
Peripheral affection carries the internal
Pain though it releases despair for
Few moments, endless voyage agreed
On the provisional pledge, but the
The profundity of heart left over on the
Stairs of ancient temple end, rejected,
Neglected emotion weeps in isolation,