Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Life does not stay in one place
Please turn over the page, new
Notes has written by the season,
Wanderer clouds have indistinct
Objective, who are waiting on the
Bank, before I did not see them,
Looking toward the evening sky,
Those faces have been extinct or
Vanished, I do not know, a long
Time ago they resided near the
Gigantic River, erected victory -
Tower built the flying bridges to
Touch the sky, in the moonless
Night, it’s heard that they sit
Encircle to mourn the past epoch,
Ruins’ have nothing except the
Silence, the self-excavation says
History repeats itself, but when
And how, nobody knows, the
Shifting riverbed reminds often, the
Shadow leaves the company of
Body whenever destiny betrays,
Other sides barren land now
Blooming with new dreams, who
Left the umbra in appropriate time,
Have been crossed the intensity
Of eclipse, illumination is now
Inviting them for opulence, the
Wise souls resettled there, they do
Not cry for history, their aim is
To discover new trail to reach the
Unexplored, strange, millions galaxies,