Monday, 16 May 2011

That morning, which could grant?
A smile to every face, a meaning
To survival, I often dream, to see
Amused droplets of life is falling
From the blooming tree, that fresh
Wind, those hidden love is restless
On the leaves of lotus, into the
Upheaval surface of humanity’s lake,
That feeling to feel the pain, I’m
Waiting to look the emotion on the
Everybody’s heart, wet benevolent
Eyes with full of generosity, a vast
Chest to embrace all, beyond any
Prejudice, chauvinism, or underlining
The classification on the doctrines,
Let extreme thought to die, just
Think a human for human, erase the
Definition of century old, planet
Desire peace and love to make the
Planet beautiful, redecorate the
The ruined heart, heaven is so near
No need to search across the skies,
The beautiful land of love is
Located one and only in the heart,
Let explore that lost paradise.