Thursday, 9 June 2011

In the vision of life a deserted
Gate of worship waits for revival,
Offended, injured, hurt soul of -
Unidentified faces, in the mystic
Night they pick up the scattered
Blooms, on the meadow of heart,
Shadows often play with moon
Light, laughing, whispering flies
Through the wind, silently looks
Thrived, anonymous many trees,
The unique planet doesn’t draw
The hedges of barbed wires, in
This boundary less world has no
Fear of losing the precious assets,
An indulgent for each other’s pain
Makes them a beautiful cluster
Of jasmine, the passion to fill the
Silence of darkness, smiles flow
In form of sweet fragrance, what’s
Meaning of hatred, envy they do
Not know, innocent, naïve looks
Often sleep on the cenotaph of
Unsung messiah, the dew drops
Trickles one by one, they smile
In the dream as a child, someone
Moves the delicate, blessing fingers
On their uncombed hair, slowly
Life travels across the mammoth
Archway, into the paradise of love,
The shadow now altering their
Face in everlasting glow of harmony!