Thursday, 2 June 2011

Spectrum of emotion becomes
Uneasy, whenever you appear
In front of eyes, south west wind
Carries sweet breathings dipped
Into the soft fragrance, the heart
Desires to say you, lot of unsaid
Saga but willingly too, sentences
Couldn’t unfold the whorl, just I
Search, often edges in the depth
Of your eyes, possibly this sinking
Has a beauty, life doesn’t want to
Rise above the depressions, this
Impulsive touch of eyes, reacts the
Physique massively, the covert
Passions flies as silky yarn of wild
Fruits, roams from dale to valleys,
To germinate future generation,
Sometimes it hangs on the twigs,
Seed looks the barren sky with
Dream of rains, several times in
Same way, I gazed your gorgeous
Verdant terrain, heart rouses fast
Immature emotions, to convert
Grown effect, life wishes to diffuse
Love on the surface of arid land,
Frequently I tried to touch your
Persona to dissolve in the inner
My life, this obsession makes me
More masculine, extra effervescent,
Unseen bluish flames flow through
Out muscles to mind, I entice with
Seductive way, may be not noble
However, in love everything is fair,