Friday, 17 June 2011

Tidal waves may be receding, moon
Has to change the shapes, the brook
Depends on the rains, shifting is the
Part of life however true love never
Shrinks it stays on the heart eternally,
The flying clouds had no fixed bestow
Point, emotion sometimes forgets to
Follow your path, brief halt doesn’t
Mean that I do not love you more, the
Boats of river travel parallel flow, its
Easy to go in inclined way, something
Is left near you, I came back closer you,
The appeal of your silent eyes couldn’t
Vanished though storms passed many
Times, confusions were short eclipse
Lunar beauty sustained forever, in the
Tip of day and night, twilight becomes
More exigent, it fills the night bloom
With obsessive aroma, the dried dream
Feels the sensation of first rain, down
The upper lip, touch me not flowers
Grow the shivering leaves, impatient
Desires says touch me again and again,
Wild emotion doesn’t wait for gloom,
Persona embraces you in psychosis way,
These up down waves of life has just
Veiled beauty, the vapors appear after
Saturated dry surface, the rain implies
To soul, mix the fluidity of love viscous!
Invisible glue joints emotions intact,
Midnight rain existed until the morning.