Wednesday, 29 June 2011


optical illusion wasn't that rapport, while
the abutment created lot of saltus in my
routine graph of life, some unacquainted
pleasures emerged from the depth of
heart, undefined desire regained shape,
debarred many times to think for you, its
void afford, the storm has to overcome,
and it won eventually, the mission to get
my persona was the aspect in your eyes,
gradually the art of black widow spider
has stretched the web beautifully, trapped
water drops or tiny dew droplets doesn't
make a big difference, riddance is not
the play of kid, a decade or sometimes
an entire life is needed for success of true
renaissance, inside the whorl the planet
looked delimited, though I tried to dupe
numerous moment, lips of petals never
allowed me to see the ulterior world,
the capitulation enclosed me permanently
now I have no way to cross the barbed
emotional walls created by your infinite love
willingly even my conscience doesn't
permit to break the infinite adoration of
you, here corporal edge is fragile object !
extreme genesis of true love,
a rare phenomenon, to live a celestial life.