Sunday, 19 June 2011

The mural of life remained unfinished
Accuracy often refused to opt the
Short cut way, to know the depth of
Perception I didn’t sleep entire night, the
Drifting valleys questioned a lot to me,
Willingly I couldn’t drink the venom, here
Time had confronted I left the raising
Hands, wet eyes, dwindling bodies, though
A little assist could fill smiles on their
Face, this escaping nature haunted whole
The life, before the deity my adoration
Has no meaning, the innocent hearts
Squeal loudly, after looking injustice, bias
Attitudes of the world I didn’t protest,
As I hadn’t time to think for others, this
Self-centered happiness caged me in
Isolation, it’s true that I searched the
Philosopher s stone to change myself only,
While adjacent planet was in gloom,
However, didn’t get the contentment, still
Emptiness says it’s not the essence of
Life, twilight is far away, prior to night,
It’s not too late, let lit some candles to
Gulp the darkness of miseries, embrace the
Faces who left over in the crowd, my
Perception did not wish to die let bring all
Together under the on thriving tree of
Love and peace, let live for others beyond
The color, feature, ugly or beautiful, here
We go for creation of a giant family, just
Loving to each other, we have to break
Shell of pre-eminence, selfishness –